Best Freelancing Platform for talnted people

Best freelancing platform

Telnto provides wide range of categories to shows the users their talent and earn money from their skills.It’s a free to user platform and any one arround the world can register on as a seller or as buyer depends on the requirement of the user so if you are looking for work you can register here as a seller and create a free account as a seller and provide your skill by posting the job that you ca do for the buyer. Let me explain by one example.

Let’s say I am good graphics designer and I want to work for someone as a graphics designer in this case you can register as a seller in telnto and create your portfolio in Graphics and Design categories and make sure you create nit and clean portfolio for your website once you are good with portfolio when buyers comes to our website they can look at your portfolio and they even put the requirements in terms of Buyer’s request so Seller can daily check for Buyer’s request and provide proposal to buyers’ request and send them quotations for your work.

telnto provide opportunity to connect buyer’s and seller’s on single platform at no cost!!!


So what you are waiting for Join Telnto and start freelancing career now.







February 17, 2021