Telnto — Best Freelance Marketplace for Freelancers

We all know in after covid-19 people start moving towards work from home and work from anywhere and love the freedom of work . Telnto provide the great platform in different categories to show your skill and get your work done remotely from there are many platform out there who provides the freelancing but Telnto never charge as high as other high earning platform charges and they focus on mainly on seller’s contribution towards the buyers demand many platform charges buyer and seller up to 20–25% to buyers and sellers to provide the platform but Telnto only charges 10% to thier seller so if seller made successful order of 20$ Telnto charge only 2$ and transfer 18$ to sellers account.Telnto provides below categories and make sure every corner of the telent covered and utilized.

Telnto— Categories provided

  I have Skill what should I do ?

 if you are having skill in any categories and wants to start working on it just go to Telnto and register yourself as a Seller and Verify your email adrress and provide your valid identity and then Telnto will approve you as a sell once you are approved you are allowed to start posting your skill by clicking on

Telnto Post New Job

here you can post new or edit your existing job and also provide your rate based on your Skill and upload some images related to your work and click on publish at the end.

You can post as many jobs as you want but you need to make sure that are relative to your skill set and also having relative images that attract the buyer.

I have Requirement what should I do ?

If you have some requirement you should register as Buyer in Telnto and start posting your requirements once you post the requirement. Any seller can view your requirements and offer a service to buyers.Telnto provide best real-time chat messaging system to connect buyer and seller on the platform which also provide to put custom offer in real time chat system.

Enjoy Freelancing with Telnto and make money by working from home stay safe stay home!!!!

Telnto also providing paypal and stripe for payment integration so enjoy the service.


February 8, 2021