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For best logo design contact I will create for u a logo in less than I hour

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We are developing website based on kid's memory and we need graphics designer to design our Home Page with creativity we have list of functionality with us and we want you guys to design the Dashboard page for the same.

1. Put your unique idea and design a graphics
2. design that psd file to us and if possible we want html and css as well.

Budget: 10.00 USD - 15.00 USD
Delivery: 4 days
Tags: Creativity, Dashboard, designing, Graphics Design, Web Design

Hello there,
One of my client want to design a logo for his new business name KIDLU.
Any one here, mastered with logo designing please contact.

Budget: 20.00 USD
Delivery: 3 days
Tags: Logo, Logo Design

I want someone good Freelancer with Logo Designing skill who can create eye catching and beautiful log as well as business card for my New Business.

Logo Should be Unique and eye catching

I will provide my business details and you need to put some creativity to Design and put some good business slogan as well for my business

Budget: 5.00 USD - 10.00 USD
Delivery: 1 day
Tags: Business Development, Business Ideas, designing, Graphics Design, Logo Design, Slogan