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Best Freelancing Platform for talnted people

Best freelancing platform
Telnto provides wide range of categories to shows the users their talent and earn money from their skills.It’s a free to user platform and any one arround the world can register on as a seller or as buyer depends on the requirement of the user so if you are looking for work you can...
February 17, 2021

Telnto — Best Freelance Marketplace for Freelancers

We all know in after covid-19 people start moving towards work from home and work from anywhere and love the freedom of work . Telnto provide the great platform in different categories to show your skill and get your work done remotely from there are many platform out there who provides the freelancing but Telnto never charge as high as...
February 8, 2021

Freelancing – Growing Market for new normal

As we all know we have gone through the tuff time due to pandemic situation but it’s also gives us a opportunity to start working remotely by managing your own time and location. Freelancing is the great way that people now a day thinking where they can utilize their time to earn extra income and...
January 23, 2021

Telnto- Platform which connect buyer and seller

we are providing the platform which connects buyers and sellers in the single platform and telnto make sure every buyer and seller are satisfied with the service that telnto provide we always make sure every steps that needs to be enabled for Buyers and Sellers so we provide complete business flow in which buyer request...
January 23, 2021